USSEC On-Line Course Lectures and Live Training

USSEC On-Line Course Lectures and Live Training

"Impact of pre-pelleting treatment on pellet quality and nutrient levels; the good, the bad and the ugly"

The live event will be broadcasted from Bucharest, Romania (local time GMT / UTC +2)

Nutritionists, Feed Technologists, Veterinarians, Students, Researchers, Academia, and Decision Makers are invited to attend the two days live-webinar sponsored by USSEC. A great line-up of speakers and an excellent selection of topics are included in the agenda. High profile experts from the field of Feed Manufacturing, Animal Nutrition, and Quality Control will provide participants with discussing and approach with fresh eyes key aspects of pre-pelleting treatment on high protein ingredients, pellet quality, and digestible nutrient levels. We will also have the chance to check under powerful microscopes the changes in the ingredients and feed particle size, shape, color, starch, and protein cooking.