IFS Technical Conference 2020 - CANCELADO

Hotel Casa 400, Amsterdam, Países Bajos
IFS Technical Conference 2020 - CANCELADO

El programa de la conferencia está aún en fase de finalización; las ponencias confirmadas se muestran a continuación:

A comparative Life Cycle Assessment of rock based and recycled P fertilisers
Fabian Kraus, Berlin Water, Germany

New developments in DCP technology
Alexandre Wavreille, Prayon, Belgium

DCS alarm management
Michael Gill, Orica, Australia

Advanced Process Control modelling
Knut Wiig Mathisen, Yara International, Norway

Practical approach on PS and AI management in ageing production sites
David Herrero, Fertiberia, Spain

Wet electrostatic dust separation in ammonium nitrate plants
Alessandro Gullà, AWS, Italy

Reducing emissions from AN operations
Martyn Dean, Begg Cousland, Scotland

Review of latest developments in the measurement of pH in ammonium nitrate reaction loops
Gonzalo Fernández Ozalla and Francisca Galindo, Fertiberia, Spain

The importance of both occupational and process safety in ammonia plants – lessons from practical experience
Harri Duisters, OCI N.V, Netherlands