Animal Microbiome Congress

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, UK, Reino Unido
Animal Microbiome Congress

The Animal Microbiome Congress is a place for veterinary researchers, animal breeders and producers, feed and strain manufacturers, pharmaceutical and nutrition companies, government and regulatory bodies and ground-breaking solution providers to discuss ideas, form collaborations and identify strategies for development to manipulate the animal microbiome.

We are proud to work with leading academic and industry experts across the livestock, companion and aquaculture sector. Join us for 2 days of intense networking, unpublished research and translational case studies.

In addition to the open networking available, our ‘MEETING MOJO’ platform allows you to create a bespoke meeting schedule, promoting productive collaboration; and if you are looking to highlight your recent work to the wider microbiome community, the dedicated poster session is a great way to get your research noticed and further involve yourself with the congress!