2018 Prairie Swine Centre Producer Meetings

Swift Current, Saskatchewan Days Inn 905 North Service Road E, Canadá
2018 Prairie Swine Centre Producer Meetings


Feed Processing for Improved Production, 

Denise Beaulieu, University of Saskatchewan

Feed processing can have significant impact on performance of your herd. What are the management strategies producers should examine within their milling to maximize mill and herd performance?

Exercising sows – What producers need to know?, 

Yolande Seddon, University of Saskatchewan

Changes to the Code require producers in the future to provide periodic greater freedom of
movement to sows. Are sows motivated for a greater freedom of movement, and how can this be adopted on farm?

The Evolution of Genetic Potential, 

Daniel Godbout, PIC Canada Ltd.

A walk through time to look where we were 50 years ago, what has been accomplished, how it has been accomplished and what the future holds. Pigs have changed dramatically and nutrition and management approaches have too. We need to bring it all together to achieve the greatest success.

Pig Tales – Ongoing Benefits of Colostrum, 

Leanne Van De Weyer, Zoetis

Colostrum is critical for pig health and performance beyond the pre-weaning phase. What can producers do to ensure all piglets get their “fair share”?.

The NSERC IRC in Swine Welfare – Benefits for the pork value chain,

 Yolande Seddon, University of Saskatchewan

The Chair is an opportunity to contribute to advancing sustainable production systems that will add to the scientific understanding of methods to improve animal welfare and identify progressive management approaches.

A Look Back – A Look Forward: Prairie Swine Centre at Your Service,

Lee Whittington, PSCI

In 2017 Prairie Swine Centre is celebrating 25 Years. We will take a walk through this period and examine the greatest accomplishments that benefits producers and where we are headed in the future?