15th London Swine Conference

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 300 King St., London, Ontario, Canadá
15th London Swine Conference

Conference Objectives

  • To provide a platform to accelerate the implementation of new technologies in commercial pork production in Ontario.
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas within the swine industry.

Conference Committee
The London Swine Conference is a technology transfer conference coordinated by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario Pork, Ontario Pork Industry Council and University of Guelph.

Members of the Conference Committee are:

Doug Ahrens, Ontario Pork/Producer, Conference Steering Committee Chair
Kees de Lange, University of Guelph
Bob Friendship, University of Guelph
David Hartney, Ontario Pork Industry Council
Lori Moser, Ontario Pork Industry Council
Doug Richards, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture andFood and Ministry of Rural Affairs
Jean Howden, Ontario Pork
Jaydee Smith, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Rural Affairs
Ed Barrie