The PURUF® -module is an Ultra-Filter, constructed with ceramic membranes. Normally the module further processes (separate) the liquid fraction (Filtrate) from PurFil®´ patented PURROT® -module.

PURUF® has so small holes in the membranes, that the result is a liquid fraction (Permeate), which besides water contains practically only Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4+-N) and Potassium (K+), while,

The concentrate (Retentate) contains the majority of the filtrate´ content of Phosphorus and Organic Solids (including Organic Nitrogen bound in proteins).

Depending on the inlet composition, PURUF® use between 4 and 10 kW-hour current per M3 liquid manure - The best pre-separation (ex. by the PURROT®-module) gives the lowest power consumption!

The Filter membranes are, by our partner, constructed of very durable and acid / alkaline resistant ceramic materials: This is always necessary when treating eg. liquid manure and we same time calls for an long life for the components.

PURUF® does not use chemicals during the filtration - ie. the farmland is not supplied with any foreign compounds during the application of the final products!

Less than 10% of the raw manure´ Phosphorus (P), organic-N (N-org.) and organic solids (VS) are present in the permeate, but has full concentration of Ammonium (NH4+-N) and Potassium (K+).

The Permeate normally constitute 80-85 Volume-% of eg. raw manure. It can be applied as "thin" NK fertilizers (which runs directly into the ground as rainwater). Alternatively, it is further-processed by PurFil®´ ad-on Filtration modules to clean water and N/K-concentrate.

The Retentate from PURUF® can by mixed with Fibre from the pre-separated manure, (best from the PURROT® -module), and now with a very high C/N- ratios be digested much better in either a Biogas plant or by Thermic Gasification.

The PURUF® can reduce the area requirement by > 60% and transport costs are reduced by > 75%

Cross-Flow-membranes coated with hardwearing materials for manure treatment. Produced by PurFil®´ highly qualified membrane partner.

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