Veterinary medicine student looking for a training pig/pork farm

1 17-abr-2016 11:41 (hace 6 años 7 meses 19 días)

Hello all pig producers!

I´m 25 years old veterinary medicine student from Finland from University of Helsinki. I´m looking for a training place for 12 days on the summer 2016. Our studies includes familiarization to pig farms - just get to know how everything works in the farm, how the pigs are handled and participate to all possible works in the farm. 

I would be really interested to do my pig farm training in Portugal and I should find a farm with at least 80 pigs. I have never been working with pigs before, but at the moment I´m working in a horse stable and I´v used to do hard work as well. As a producer you don´t need to pay me money of the time I would be working in your farm, but I´m looking for a place where I could stay during the training. 

I´m really hard-working, interested and openminded person and I promise to do my best in your farm. I want to learn as much as possible in that short period. Unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese, but for me it is okay if you speak only little bit English. I´m sure we will find a way to communicate!

If you who are reading this notification are not a pig producer and you know someone, please tell them about me and give them my e-mail! I gladly tell more about me and this training. Thank you so much!

My email address is


Lookin forward your reference!


Best regards, Emma Puranen

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